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    MacBook White Service


MacBook white.jpeg
  • OS Reinstallation  S$80

  • LED Replacement  S$250

  • Logic Board Damaged S$250

  • Grapic Card Faulty S$250

  • KeyBoard Replacement S$ 150

  • WiFi Card no signal S$120

  • Battery S$120/$150(unibody)

  • TrackPad S$120

    MacBook white/Unibody Repair


Common damaged

We repair MacBook water damaged, Macbook Lcd Cracked,Macbook Pro Touch Bar issue,MacBook pro Graphic card issue,Macbook wifi or network issue,Macbook Air Lcd Cracked,Macbook Macos issue,Macbook retina speaker,Macbook pro motherboard damaged,imac power supply issue,macbook keyboard repair or replacement,Macbook battery replacement.

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