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Apple unveils powerful new M1 Ultra chipset alongside the Mac Studio and Studio Display

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Macbook repair mac infinity
Mac Studio

The Mac Studio looks like a taller Mac Mini, PHOTOGRAPH: APPLE

The Mac Studio with an M1 Max chipset will start at S$2899 with 32GB of unified memory and 512GB of internal SSD storage. The Mac Studio with the new M1 Ultra chipset will start at S$5899 with 64GB of unified memory and 1TB of SSD storage.

mac Sg
Mac studio

The Mac Studio looks like an oversized Mac mini but it has the power of the Mac Pro. The extra height is to house a blower to help alleviate the heat generated by the internals and keep the noise down during heavy processing sessions, such as with video editing, graphics rendering, and code compiling.

The device is constructed of aluminum and measures just 19.5cm (7.7”) long and wide and 9.4cm (3.7”) tall, making it just a bit larger than two M1 Mac Minis stacked atop one another. On the front of the device is an SD card reader (SD 4.0) and a pair of ports. On the M1 Max model, the ports are USB-C (10GB/s) while on the M1 Ultra model, the two ports are Thunderbolt 4 (40GB/s).

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