G-Technology G-DRIVE portable hard drive offers a USB-C port for speed, a sleek design, and Time Machine compatibility. Inside its thin, bevelled aluminium case there’s a high-performance 7200-rpm hard drive with plenty of room for storing your video and photo files.

It’s easy to set up and bus-powered, so there’s no need to carry an external AC power supply. Toss it in your bag and you’re ready to go.





USB Type-C and 7200 RPM technology delivers outstanding performance

Up to 136MB/s transfer rates

Thin, beveled aluminium case for easy portability

Stores plenty of videos, photos, documents and music

Bus-powered - no need for a separate power connection

Plug-and-play macOS setup

Time Machine compatible

Three-year limited warranty

G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Portable Drive

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