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Aqara U100 is a highly secure smart door lock that was designed for ease-of-installation and convenient access. As a deadbolt-type smart lock, it usually sits above your mortise lock and handle, or exists standalone on your door with a long, vertical handlebar. It features a convenient, auto-locking deadbolt, which can also be disabled in settings. With support for multiple users – each with their own fingerprints, PIN codes, and NFC cards, the Aqara U100 is a simple way to add smart, biometric access to your door.

The Aqara U100 has an in-built Apple security chip to support Apple Home Keys and Apple HomeKit. Unlock your door with your Home Key stored in your Apple Wallet – simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock. You can also see the lock status on the Apple Home app

Smart Lock U100 Price included installation

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