Warranty Policy

Warranty term and condition

All compatible repair parts (etc, keyboard ,battery, lcd, camera,) cover 90 days warranty from the date of collection receipt or invoice.The warranty does not cover water/liquid or physical damaged. Motherboard repair coverage iphone /iPad 30 DAYS, MacBook,iMac,Mac Mini cover 90 DAYS. MacOS reinstallation cover 7 DAYS. Warranty does not cover for water spill ,water damaged, self-repair, service at other shop ,also faults not related to the original repair. 




Service contract


1.The Repair & Service order is a legally enforceable contract governing the service commissioning and undertaking between the executing parties. By entering into such contract, both parties agree to act in accordance with the provisions stated in this contract. The undertaking party herein refers to Mac. Infinity and the commissioning party refer to all customers.

2.The contract commissioning and undertaking itself does not mean that desirable results (i.e. returning to normal working condition) can be achieved for whatever is entrusted for repairing. The entrusted item might not be repairable due to various unforeseen circumstances. The commissioning party shall accept such fact and fulfil its obligations nevertheless, such as paying for services charge and other expenses stated in the contract. 

3.The undertaking party levies services based on severity and amount of faults. In the event that only part of the faults is rectified, the service charge shall be reduced accordingly.

4.The service charge is listed in the contract, which includes cost of electronic parts but not components such as Graphic card, HDD, CPU LCD panel and Motherboard. A separate quotation shall be provided for parts and components not included.

5.For confidentiality reasons, the replacement of some parts/components might not be revealed in the contract, and the commissioning party has no right to request for such information. In the event of any dispute, the record of the undertaking party shall prevail.


Right and Obligation of the Commissioning Party


1.A 30-day guarantee shall be provided after repairing is completed for the entrusted item. The undertaking party only provides guarantee for part(s)/Component(s) that is (are) replaced by it. All other faults or part(s)/Component(s) are not covered in such guarantee. The undertaking party shall provide the above mentioned part(s)/Component(s) and repair service unconditionally and free of charge within the guarantee period.

2.In the event that the undertaking party is unable to perform such repairing service for certain repeated faults within the guarantee period. It shall refund in part or in whole the payment (not including the service charge) to the commissioning party. 

3.Any fault that occurs due to negligence or wrong using habit of the commissioning party shall not be covered.

4.The validity of this contract is 60 days, after which it shall automatically expire unless there is any other agreement made between the two parties. In the event that the client fails to collect the entrusted item from the undertaking party within the validity of this contract, the undertaking party has the right to dispose the entrusted item as it deems appropriate and the commissioning party shall have no right to question the validity of such action.

5.In view of aging and fragility of the enclosure of the entrusted item as well as the result of dismounting required in order to perform the service, the process of repairing undertaking party shall do its best to restore the original appearance of the entrusted item.

6.The commissioning party shall provide detailed information about the fault(s) and the circumstances associated with the occurrences. Such information shall be recorded in the contract in detail so as to be used as reference when performing repairing work.

7.The commissioning party shall clear all payments stated in the contract before collecting the entrusted item form the undertaking party.

8.The original contract has to be presented when the commissioning party collects the entrusted item from the undertaking party. Otherwise the undertaking party has the right to refuse such collection.


Right and Obligation of the Undertaking Party


1.The undertaking party shall fulfil the contract within the specified time. In the event that it is unable to do so, reasonable explanations shall be given to the commissioning party.

2.The undertaking party shall call and inform the commissioning party after repairing is completed.

3.The undertaking party is only responsible for faults listed and described in the contract. All other faults not reported by the commissioning party are excluded from the obligation of the undertaking party.

4.In the consideration that entrusted item is already under abnormal working condition when it is commissioned for repairing, it is very   likely that there will be various symptoms arising out of such abnormality during the process of repairing. The undertaking party shall not be liable for the occurrence of such symptoms.

5.In the event of severe damage caused by the negligence of the undertaking party, the undertaking party shall assume responsibility of repairing and provide pecuniary compensation if it fair to recover such damage to the entrusted item.