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Comprehensive Guide: How to Rescue Your Wet iPhone

water iphone

The thought of our beloved iPhone taking an unexpected plunge into water can be heart-stopping. But fear not, for modern iPhones are more resilient than ever. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the best strategies for dealing with a wet or water-damaged iPhone, ensuring you can revive your precious device and avoid potential headaches.

Understanding Your iPhone's Water Resistance

If you've purchased an iPhone since late 2016, chances are it boasts water resistance. The level of water resistance is indicated by its IP Rating, with IP67 and IP68 being the key players. IP67 allows for submersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, while IP68 extends this to 2 meters. Check your iPhone's model in the list below to gauge its water resistance:

  • iPhone 6s and earlier: Not rated

  • iPhone 7/7Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, XR, XS/XS Max, 11 range, 12 range, 13 range, SE 2020, SE 2022, 14 range: IP67 or IP68

While these ratings provide a safety net, accidents can still happen. So, let's delve into the crucial steps to take if your iPhone takes an unexpected dive.

Immediate Actions: What to Do if Your iPhone Gets Wet

  1. Swift Retrieval: Remove your iPhone from the water immediately.

  2. Case Removal: If your iPhone is in a case, take it out to prevent lingering water in crevices.

  3. Drying Process: Wipe the device with a soft towel or cloth, ensuring to reach all accessible areas.

  4. Gentle Shake: Gently shake your iPhone, directing the lightning port downwards, tapping to clear water from ports and speakers.

What NOT to Do

  1. No Plugging In: Avoid plugging in the iPhone, and if it's already plugged in, unplug it carefully.

  2. No Power On: If the iPhone is off, do not turn it on to prevent short circuits.

  3. SIM Tray Caution: Do not open the SIM tray until the iPhone is dry.

  4. No Hair Dryer: Resist the urge to use a hair dryer; it can damage internal components.

  5. No Port Insertions: Avoid inserting anything into the ports.

Drying Out Your iPhone: Going the Extra Mile

While Apple suggests wiping and tapping to remove excess water, we recommend additional steps for thorough drying:

  1. Fan Placement: Position the iPhone in front of a fan with the Lightning connector facing it, ensuring cool air flow.

  2. Rice Method: While once popular, the rice trick can be messy. Place the iPhone in a container filled with dry rice, covering it completely. Leave it for 24 hours (72 hours for older models), then check and repeat if needed.

  3. Silica Gel: Silica gel sachets offer a cleaner alternative to rice. Place the iPhone in a sealed container with silica gel for efficient drying.

Should you Disassemble The Phone Yourself?

Beware of warranty voidance and risks. there’s a risk that your DIY work will cause damage rather than repair it. Use a dry cloth gently on accessible surfaces and leave the interior work to expert repair center like Mac.Infinity.

Post-Drying Steps: What's Next?

  1. Switch On Attempt: If you believe the iPhone is dry, attempt to switch it on.

  2. Retry or Seek Help: If unsuccessful, return it to rice or silica, retry, and if all else fails, seek professional help.

  3. Data Backup Reminder: iPhones revived temporarily may succumb later, so back up essential files.

In conclusion, rescuing a wet iPhone requires a blend of immediate actions and meticulous drying methods. While temporary revival is possible, always be prepared for potential future issues. Now, armed with this comprehensive guide, you're well-equipped to navigate the challenges of a water-damaged iPhone.

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