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MacBook Battery Replacement in Singapore

When do you need to change Battery?

Serviced Battery / Replaced Now

Service Battery

Check: Battery Cycle

Battery cycle

Swollen or Bloated Battery

Bloated battery

How to prevent swollen battery?

  1. Keep the battery cool for the most part – in other words, keep it within regular laptop operating temperatures. Don’t store it in the sun or use it plugged in for long periods of time in the sun.

  2. Use the right capacity Apple charger or quality third-party manufacturer charger.

  3. Don’t leave the laptop constantly plugged in when it doesn’t need to be.

  4. Replace old batteries that are not holding their charge anymore.

MacBook Battery Replacement Price

MacBook 12 inch Battery  From : $180                                      

MacBook Pro  battery From : $120.                                              (2009-2011)                                         

MacBook Air Battery  From : $150.                                                (2011-2015)

MacBook Air Battery  From : $225.                                              (2017-2021)

MacBook Pro Retina Battery From : $165-$180                       (2013-2015)                      

MacBook TouchBar Battery From : $225 -$280                    (2016-2021)

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