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MacBook LCD Replacement in Singapore

Get your MacBook Screen Change in 60 min

Macbook lcd repair

Macbook Common LCD Display Issue

Cracked screen/ vertical lines

Screen cracked

Turn on - White Screen

White screen

Turn on - Black Screen

Black Screen

Stage Light Effect

Stage Light

Display at 45 Degree Display

45 degree

Cracked Bezel Baffle

Cracked Bezel

MacBook LCD Replacement Price 

MacBook LCD Replacement only From : $280- $599.    (2012-2015)                                

     [Time Require: 1-3 hrs].  

MacBook Assembly LCD  Replacement only : $599 - $950   (2015-2021)          

  [Time Require 1-2 hr ].    

MacBook Bezel Baffle Replacement only From : $80 Nett                            

[Time Require: 45 min]. 

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