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Useful Software 

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CleanMyMac X


What else can CleanMyMac X do?

CleanMyMac X has got all the instruments to supercharge your Mac. Deep-level cleaning, malware removal, performance boost — all in one app:

  • Locate and remove large hidden files

  • Update, uninstall, and reset your apps

  • Clean browser and chat history

  • Quit hung apps & heavy CPU consumers


Reclaim more free space on your hard drive by removing up to 74 GB of junk files.


Keep your Mac free from viruses, adware, and spyware.


Improve general speed, get faster boot time and more responsive apps.

Mac Fan Controller

Mac Fan Controlller

Every model of iMac, MacBook (Pro/Air), Mac mini, Mac Pro is supported!


Software solution to:

  • Noise problems e.g. caused by iMac HDD replacement

  • Overheating problems e.g. on Macbook Pro


Change fan speed:

  • Set any constant value to any fan (e.g. minimum)

  • Control fan speed in relation to a temperature sensor (e.g. 3rd party HDD)

Quick Facts

  • Real-time monitoring of mac's fans speed and temperature sensors including 3rd party HDD/SSD (using S.M.A.R.T.)

  • Display of tray icon (menu bar icon on Mac OS, option to display temperature value and fan speed)

  • Compatibility with Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

  • More features are coming!

  • Available in 32 languages:  Translate

Setting : CPU,GPU, Heat sink to 30-70c

Mac Fan Controller Setting
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