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MacBook Keyboard Replacement in Singapore

MacBook keyboard not working?

What Is The Issue with MacBook Butterfly Keyboards?

Some MacBook Pro keyboards suffer from the following issues:

  • Letters or characters repeat unexpectedly

  • Letters or characters do not appear

  • Key(s) feel “sticky” or do not respond in a consistent manner

How to prevent keyboard from water spill or damaged ?

  • Apply Keyboard protector

  • Use compressed air to spray the keyboard

How to quick check my keyboard isn't working ?

  • Apply an external USB Keyboard or bluetooth keyboard to type on the same no working key.


Unique Repair Service with us

macbook data recovery.jpg
In-Built Flash Storage Memory Data Recovery service

Have you ever rejected or informed to backup data before send in for repair ? In most cases, we can just fix the motherboard without data lost within 3 days by our in house senior technician. However, if your macbook encounter water damaged badly, multi attempted to repair shops, multi faulty parts, we can save your data by our nano memory chip data recovery.

Feature Repair Service

macbook free diagnostic.jpg
Free Diagnostic

Free diagnostic to verify the faulty part with a fixed nett price.

macbook cleaning service.jpg
Free Hareware Cleaning

Free hardware clean up upon repair

macbook backup data.jpg
Data Protected

Recommend to create Guest account for testing the functions.We are compliance with PDPA as well.

macbook fast repair.jpg
Motherboard Xpress Repair

Water damaged badly or sudden  shut down caused by motherboard ,we can repair it within 24 hrs or less.

MacBook Keyboard Repair Price

Single Cap fell off replacement From : $15 [Time Require: 10 min  ]

MacBook Pro keyboard replacement only From : $120. [Time Require:45-60 min ]

MacBook Top Case with Keyboard Replacement From : $380. [Time Require: 1-2 hour]

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