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iPhone Repair Service for Water Damage in Singapore: What to Do & Which Repair Shop To Choose

With its ability to keep us connected, informed, and entertained, the iPhone has become necessary in everyday life. However, accidents can occur, and water damage is a typical problem iPhone owners may experience. Accidental spills, exposure to rain, and other unplanned events can all result in water damage. It may lead to various issues, including sluggish touch displays, broken buttons, and even irreparable internal component damage.

This blog will discuss what to do and where to go for the best iPhone repair in Singapore when facing water damage, whether you own an iPhone 12, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, iPhone 4, or iPhone XS. We will provide valuable insights on the causes and signs of water damage, steps to take when to repair your iPhone when it has water damage, professional iPhone repair services in Singapore you can choose, what to expect from professional iPhone repair Singapore has to offer, DIY tips for minor water damage, prevention tips, and the importance of seeking professional help when you decide to repair your iPhone in Singapore. If you're facing iPhone water damage in Singapore, read on to learn how to handle the situation effectively.

Causes and Signs of Water Damage in a Mobile Phone

Before we delve into the solutions for iPhone water damage, it's essential to understand the common causes and signs of water damage. Accidental spills, dropping your iPhone in water, or exposure to rain are some common causes of water damage. Signs of water damage may include an unresponsive touch screen, water in the charging port, malfunctioning buttons, poor call quality, or even a completely dead iPhone. It's crucial to be vigilant and identify these signs early to take prompt action to prevent further damage.

Steps to Take When Your Apple iPhone Has Water Damage

If you suspect that your iPhone has suffered water damage, taking immediate action is crucial. Here are some quick steps you can take to prevent further damage:

Power off your iPhone: Press and hold the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" option appears, and then slide to power off your iPhone.

Dry the exterior: Use a soft, absorbent cloth or towel to carefully dry the exterior of your iPhone, including the screen, buttons, and charging port.

Do's and don'ts of handling a water-damaged iPhone: Avoid using a hairdryer, shaking your iPhone, or applying heat, as these can cause further damage. Do not attempt to open your iPhone, as this may void any existing warranties or cause more harm.

Professional iPhone Repair in Singapore

When facing iPhone water damage, it's highly recommended to seek professional help from a trusted iPhone repair shop in Singapore. These Apple repair professionals have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to effectively diagnose and repair water-damaged iPhones. One reliable option is Mac Infinity, a reputable Apple Authorised Service Provider in Singapore. We have a team of skilled mobile phone repair service technicians trained to handle iPhone water damage and provide comprehensive repair services using genuine Apple parts.

We offer a range of services including:

  • iPhone motherboard repairs

  • iPhone charging port repairs

  • Smartphones screen replacement

  • iPhone screen repair

  • LCD and cracked screen diagnosis

  • iPhone battery replacement

  • Macbook repair

What to Expect from Professional iPhone Repair Services in Singapore

When you opt for a professional iPhone repair service centre in Singapore, you can expect the following:

Diagnostic tests: Skilled technicians will conduct thorough diagnostic tests to identify the extent of water damage and any other underlying issues.

Component replacement: Damaged components will be carefully replaced with genuine Apple parts to restore your iPhone to its optimal condition.

Timeframe and cost considerations: The repair timeframe and repair cost may vary depending on the extent of water damage and the specific iPhone model. However, professional service providers like Mac Infinity usually provide transparent and competitive pricing and repair time estimates.

Warranties and guarantees: A reputable iPhone repair centre in Singapore will offer warranties or guarantees on their repairs, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of their quality workmanship.

DIY Tips for Minor Water Damage

In some cases, if the water damage is minor, you may consider some DIY fixes to salvage your iPhone before seeking professional help. Here are some tips for minor water damage:

Rice or Silica Gel Method: You can attempt the rice or silica gel approach if your iPhone has been in contact with water briefly but there isn't any visible water in the charging port. For at least 24 hours, place your iPhone in a covered container with uncooked rice or silica gel packets. The rice or silica gel will absorb the moisture from your iPhone; however, remember that this approach might not work well for severe water damage.

Air Drying: You may also try air drying your iPhone in a dry, well-ventilated room for a few days. Please keep it away from heat and sunshine, which might further harm it.

Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol: You can try cleaning your iPhone with isopropyl alcohol if exposed to seawater or other substances that can create residue. Isopropyl alcohol should be dampened with a delicate cloth or cotton swab before carefully cleaning your iPhone's exterior, including the buttons and charging port. Avoid getting alcohol inside your iPhone, as it can damage internal components.

Prevention Tips

The importance of acting quickly if you believe your iPhone has water damage cannot be overstated. These are a few short actions you may do to prevent further damage:

Use a Waterproof Case: Get a waterproof iPhone cover, especially if you use it in wet environments such as swimming pools, beaches, or while participating in outdoor sports.

Avoid Exposure to Water: Keep your iPhone away from water sources and avoid using it in rainy or humid conditions. If you need to use your iPhone in such conditions, consider using a waterproof pouch or cover.

Be Careful with Liquids: Keep liquids, such as drinks, away from your iPhone, and avoid placing your iPhone on wet surfaces.

Handle with Care: Be cautious while handling your iPhone and avoid dropping it or accidentally spilling liquids on it.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Help for Mobile Phone Repair

While DIY methods can be useful for minor water damage, it's crucial to seek professional help from authorised mobile phone repair shop in Singapore for severe water damage. Attempting to repair water damage on your own or seeking services from unauthorized providers may cause further damage to your iPhone or void any existing warranties.

Reliable iPhone repair services ensure that your iPhone is repaired using genuine Apple parts, and their technicians have the expertise to diagnose and fix water damage effectively.

Get your iPhone repaired with our expert technicians & trusted iPhone Repair Centre

Water damage can be a common issue iPhone users face, but knowing what to do and where to go for the best mobile phone repair in Singapore is essential. Taking immediate action, seeking professional help from authorised phone repair services in Singapore, and following prevention tips to get your phone's condition back can help you effectively handle iPhone water damage and prevent further damage in the future. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider in Singapore, Mac Infinity offers reliable and comprehensive iPhone repair services for water damage and other issues. Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you face water damage with your iPhone in Singapore. Visit to learn more about their services and restore your iPhone to optimal condition. Your iPhone is a valuable investment and worth entrusting its repair to our trained professionals.

Contact us today or visit us at one of our branches to get your phone fixed with quality service.



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