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Data Recovery Service in Singapore

Data Recovery Singapore
Hard Disk data recovery

Hard Disk 

NAS data recovery


sd card data recovery


iphone data recovery

Mobile Flash Memory

MacBook Data Recovery

macbook data recovery
In-Built Flash Storage Memory Data Recovery service

Have you ever rejected or informed to backup data before send in for repair ? In most cases, we can just fix the motherboard without data lost within 3 days by our in house senior technician. However, if your macbook encounter water damaged badly, multi attempted to repair shops, multi faulty parts, we can save your data by our nano memory chip data recovery.

Seagate data recovery

Data recovery Price:

Basic Sectors                           Price Range: $100-$200

FirmWare Problem                Price Range: $150-$380

Head/Reader Problem         Price Range: $250-$750

Nano Chip Memory               Price Range: $1000-$1800

Types of data failure:

LOGICALThen media has not been physically damaged.A file may have been deleted, reformatted or contaminated with virus.Generally, in these situation, data is easier to recover as long as the data has not been overwritten by subsequent usage.

PHYSICAL: The media has been damaged or experienced a mechanical/electronic failure. File or water can result in a physical failure or, in the case of a disk drive, part of the mechanism such as a spindle or head may have failed.

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