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Remember the scene when Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) walks in and being greeted by Jarvis as everything gets turn on and curtains drawn open to his magnificent sea view. Deep down inside we wish to feel atas like that. Well, with Aqara door and window sensor, you can.

Simply stick it on your main door, so that when you enter, it can activate your G3 hub to play your coolest impression of Jarvis to welcome you home while using its cool Infra-remote to turn on your TV and aircon, then commands the rest of your smart switches to turn on your lights and drawing your curtains.

Or if you don't need such a grand entrance, you can simply stick it to your window to remind you to close it at a specific time everyday when leaving for work. And if you stick it to your bedroom door, it will alert you via notification that someone is nosing around your private space.

Comes with:
✅ Triggers Aqara Hub Alarm and Push Notification
✅ No wires, no concealing
✅ 2-year battery life

Aqara Door & Window Sensor

$26.00 Regular Price
$25.22Sale Price
  • Model: MCCGQ11LM

    Colour: White

    Size: 41 × 22 × 11 mm (1.61 × 0.87 × 0.43 in.)

    Maximum Detection Distance: 22mm

    Connectivity: WiFi

    Power Source: Battery

    Operating Temperature: -10°C-+45’C (14″F-113″F)

    Support system:
    *Apple Home app (iOS 10.3 or later),
    *Aqara Home app (Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10.3 or later)

    Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Singapore Warranty

  • Sensor Unit x 1
    Magnet x 1
    Sticker x 2
    Quick Start Guide x 1

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