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A Smart Switch Designed to Turn You On

  • Aqara smart switches give you unprecedented control over your home’s lighting – conveniently turn your lights on and off by using apps, wireless buttons, automations, sensor triggers, and voice control. Gain the ability to remotely change your lights at home, even when you’re not.

As Easy as ABC

  • The Aqara Smart Switch is designed to be a one-for-one direct replacement of your existing light switches, using the standard 86mm square size found throughout Singapore. Changing the switch is a ten-minute job requiring only a screwdriver – no need for drilling or rewiring. Since it’s a direct replacement, you’ll have a new switch installed with no obvious sign that anything has changed.

Beautiful Design. Tactile Feedback.

  • The Aqara smart wall switch boasts a minimalist appearance designed for simple functionality. Large rocker buttons make up the entire face of the switch. It’s easy to find and press the switch, even in the dark. The spring-powered rockers give a satisfying, tactile response to every press – exactly how a switch should feel. And tiny LEDs show the status of each switch.


  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Type: 1-gang, no-neutral, 2-gang, no-neutral, 3-gang, no-neutral, 1-gang, neutral, 2-gang, neutral, 3-gang, neutral

AQARA Smart Wall Switch D1 (With Neutral, Triple Rocker)

$87.00 Regular Price
$84.39Sale Price
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