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Data recover for the Lost, Deleted, Formatted, Corrupt Drive Files Completely.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Guide for Dealing with Corrupt Drive Files and Data Loss

Data recovery Singapore
Data recovery Singapore

Complete Solution for Data Loss Scenarios

Format Recovery

  • Accidental quick or full format.

  • Reformatted device.

  • RAW disk or Windows asks “Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?”

  • Disk initialization upon connecting to the computer.

Deleted File Recovery

  • Files deleted by “Shift + Del” command.

  • Files deleted by “right-click, Delete” or just pressing “Del”.

  • Files lost due to emptying Recycle Bin without a backup

  • Files deleted from USB drives, SD card, and other removable storage devices.

Partition Recovery

  • Damaged or corrupted hard drive.

  • Inaccessible drive.

  • Deleted partition on hard disk.

  • Lost partition due to reparation, boot manager, etc.

  • Improper partitioning or partition error.

  • Formatted or reformatted partition.

Other Data Loss Cases

  • System crash or OS reinstallation.

  • Interrupting storage media during the writing process.

  • “media card error”: an inserted media card contains erros.

  • “Card not initialized” or “Card cannot be read” errors.

  • Locked memory card.

  • “access denied”: corrupted SD card.

  • Virus attack (wannacry ransomware encrypted files).

Data recovery for types of data failure:

LOGICAL: Then media has not been physically damaged.A file may have been deleted, reformatted or contaminated with virus. Generally, in these situations, data is easier to recover as long as the data has not been overwritten by subsequent usage. PHYSICAL: The media has been damaged or experienced a mechanical/electronic failure. File or water can result in a physical failure or, in the case of a disk drive, part of the mechanism such as a spindle or head may have failed.

Storage Devices Supported,

  • Hard Drives: Support to recover up to 16 TB hard disk drives

Removable Drives:

Desktop / portable external hard drives & SSD

  • Laptops & PCs: Recyle bin, internal drives, partitions

Flash Drives:

USB Drives, Jump Drives, Pen Drives, Thumb Drives…

  • Memory Cards: SD/CF card, microSD, miniSD, Sandisk, memory card/stick…

Other Storage Media:

Camera, Music/Video Player, Floppy Drive, Zip Drive, etc.

At Mac.Infinity, we provide free scan for the hardware device for data recovery. Cost for logical issue recovery from $80. Cost for physical damaged recovery from $180.

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