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Do You Need MacBook Repair Services? – Here Are Top 7 Common Issues You Might Face

Updated: May 15, 2023

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Mac Infinity was established for more than 10 years, and we have experienced multiple types of Apple product problems. Today, we would like to share with you the top 7 common issue that may happen to your macbook and tips to prevent it from damaged.

MacBook dropping or accident place an hard object inside the keyboard may cause a dent and broken lcd as a result. In a recent common display issue is the flexgate cable problem that cause 45 degree display in most of the A1706, A1708, and A1707 produced in year 2016-2018.Other problems such stagelight and cracked bezel baffle.

MacBook Service battery can be shows on top battery icon when it reach its max of lifespans after 2-3 years. By replacing a new battery could serve it for another life cycle of up to 5 years.

MacBook Motherboard or logic board not working most cases due to overheated for long hour working . Low efficiency of fan speed performance, heavy dust blocking the ventilation

cause high temperature. Motherboard chips burned off may result MacBook not working.

Water or liquid spilled on MacBook a common damed that causes keyboard and motherboard faulty. Especially, for sea water or salt liquid may result chip set rusty and go beyond repair.

MacBook keyboard all keys link together and share with on common flexible cable that connected to main board. As long one single key not working or not responding the only solution must change a new whole keyboard.

MacBook trackpad not responding may due water spilled around the tiny gap or faulty flex cable.

MacBook speaker with broken sound may due to dry and broken rubber buffer foam.

Why Repair with Mac Infinity?

When it comes to Macs, finding fast and reliable help is not easy. Nearly everyone knows someone who is ‘good with computers’. However, few people are familiar with the insides of a Mac. When yours develops a problem, you need it fixed quickly. Getting the work done properly means taking it to the right place.

We are highly train skill professionals iMac & Macbook repairs. All our technicians are certified train and are expert in their respective field. We will not surcharge you anything if the repair failed or if it’s beyond our repair.

All replacement parts that we use are either original or the highest grade of replacement parts that can be found in the market. We will never compromise on the products that we use so that clients will not have to worry about the products that we use.

Come to Our Shop and we will give you free consultation your Mac problems!

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