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iPhone Screen Burn-in Issues

iphone screen burn-in

Are you noticing strange, persistent images on your iPhone screen that won't go away? If you've been experiencing what seems like "burn-in" on your iPhone display, don't worry, you're not alone. In this article, we'll dive into the world of iPhone burn-in issues, exploring what it is, why it happens, and how to prevent and deal with it.

Understanding Burn-in on iPhone Screens

What is Burn-in?

Burn-in is a phenomenon where images or icons "stick" on the screen even when you've switched to a different app or turned off your iPhone. It's like a ghostly afterimage that can be quite frustrating. But what causes this eerie effect?

Causes of Burn-in

Burn-in primarily occurs on OLED screens. The root cause is the prolonged display of static images or icons. When certain pixels are consistently lit while others remain off, those that are on can deteriorate over time.

Signs of Burn-in

Recognizing burn-in is crucial. Look for faint, persistent shadows of app icons or the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. If you're noticing these artifacts, you might be dealing with burn-in.

Preventing Burn-in

Preventing burn-in is better than dealing with it later. Here's how you can keep your iPhone screen in tip-top shape.

Adjusting Screen Brightness

One way to prevent burn-in is by adjusting your screen brightness. Lower the brightness to reduce the strain on individual pixels, especially when you're not actively using your phone.

Using Auto-Lock

Set a shorter auto-lock timer on your iPhone. This means your screen will turn off after a shorter period of inactivity, reducing the chances of static images causing burn-in.

Screen Saver or Sleep Mode

Another preventive measure is to use a screen saver or enable sleep mode when your phone is not in use. This prevents static images from being displayed for extended periods.

Dealing with Burn-in

If you're already seeing signs of burn-in on your iPhone, don't panic. There are ways to address the issue.

Software Fixes

You can start by trying software fixes. For example, you can use apps or features that "massage" the screen, like pixel-refreshing apps, which can help mitigate burn-in.

Professional Repairs

For more severe cases of burn-in, you might need professional repair. Mac.Infinity can often address this issue, either by fixing the display or replacing it.


Dealing with iPhone burn-in issues can be frustrating, but it's not the end of the world. Understanding the causes and prevention methods is the first step. If you're already facing burn-in, there are options for repair or replacement. By taking proactive steps, you can enjoy your iPhone without worrying about ghostly images haunting your screen.


1. Can burn-in occur on all types of iPhone screens? Burn-in is most common on OLED screens, which are used in many modern display like TV and smartphones. While it can technically occur on other screen types, it's less likely and less noticeable.

2. What's the difference between screen burn-in and dead pixels? Screen burn-in involves persistent, faint images or icons, while dead pixels are individual pixels that remain a solid color (usually white or black) and don't change. They're two distinct screen issues.

3. How much does professional iPhone screen repair cost? The cost of professional iPhone screen repair can vary based on your iPhone model and the extent of the damage. Go to Mac.Infinity iPhone repair page and select your iPhone model to see the price.

4. Can I prevent burn-in on my iPhone by using dark mode? While dark mode can help reduce the strain on individual pixels, it's not a foolproof method for preventing burn-in. It's still important to use other preventive measures, like adjusting screen brightness and using auto-lock.

5. How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen with burn-in issues? In many cases, screen repairs can be done within an hours at Mac.Inifnity.



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