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MacBook Repair Services in Singapore

macbook repair singapore

Welcome to Mac.Infinity, your one-stop destination for top-tier MacBook repair services in Singapore. If you're facing issues with your MacBook, whether it's a cracked screen, water damage, or any other technical glitch, you've come to the right place. Our team of dedicated experts possesses extensive knowledge and repair skills to breathe new life into your beloved Apple MacBook.

The MacBook Legacy

The Apple MacBook line-up, including the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, has won the hearts of students, creative professionals, and tech enthusiasts worldwide. Over the years, Apple has introduced a range of models, each with its unique set of features, setting new standards in the laptop industry. With innovations like Touch ID, Force Touch trackpads, redesigned keyboards, and powerful processors, these laptops offer more than the traditional 'Off and On' fixes can handle. Repairing such sophisticated machines requires top-quality spare parts and expert knowledge.

Unparalleled Expertise

At Mac.Infinity, we pride ourselves on being a trusted third-party MacBook repair service provider in Singapore. We understand that MacBook users want swift and reliable solutions, and that's precisely what we deliver. Our team leverages the latest toolkits and programs to ensure that your Apple MacBook is repaired and restored to its optimal condition without breaking the bank.

Where to Repair Your MacBook in Singapore

Searching for "MacBook repair near me" can be overwhelming, as the market is flooded with service providers. Hidden costs and additional charges for doorstep repair services often add to the confusion. However, when you're in dire need of a quick fix, Mac.Infinity has you covered.

We offer same-day doorstep repair services, including screen repairs and battery replacements, from the comfort of your home or office. Our experienced technicians are available daily, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it. Just contact us to arranage an appointment.

You can also visit our service center located conveniently at Funan Mall Level 3 Unit 24, short walking distance from CityHall MRT station, for more cost-effective, on-the-spot repairs.

Our MacBook Repair Services

At Mac.Infinity, we offer a wide range of Apple MacBook repair services, including:

MacBook Screen Repairs & Replacements

If you've cracked your MacBook screen, don't worry; we've got you covered. We provide affordable and reliable screen repair and replacement services.

MacBook LCD Repairs & Replacements

Issues with your MacBook's display? Our experts can diagnose and repair LCD problems swiftly.

MacBook Battery Replacements

Is your MacBook's battery not holding a charge? We offer efficient battery replacement services to keep you powered up.

MacBook Keyboard Replacements

Don't let a malfunctioning keyboard hinder your productivity. We can replace your MacBook's keyboard with precision.

MacBook Trackpad Repairs & Replacements

A faulty trackpad can be frustrating. We can repair or replace it, ensuring smooth navigation.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Accidents happen. If your MacBook has suffered water damage, our experts can bring it back to life.

MacBook Motherboard Repair

Issues with the motherboard can be complex, but our team can diagnose and repair these problems effectively.

MacBook OS Reinstallation

Sometimes, a fresh OS installation is all you need to revive your MacBook's performance.

MacBook Speaker/Buzzer Repair

Problems with sound? We offer repairs for MacBook speakers and buzzers.

MacBook USB/Charging Port Repair & Replacement

If your MacBook's ports are acting up, we can repair or replace them, ensuring connectivity.

MacBook Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Wi-Fi troubles? We can diagnose and repair your MacBook's connection for seamless browsing.

MacBook GPU Repair

Graphic issues? Our experts can tackle GPU problems, restoring smooth visuals.

MacBook SSD Replacement

Upgrading your MacBook's SSD? We offer quick and reliable SSD replacement services.

Quality and Affordability

We understand that repairing your MacBook is an investment, and we want to make it a worthwhile one. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as we utilize high-quality spare parts, ensuring that your MacBook performs at its best. Moreover, we offer a 30 to 90-day warranty on our repair services, providing you with peace of mind.

At Mac.Infinity, we're proud to be one of the most reliable and budget-friendly third-party MacBook repair service providers in Singapore.

Contact Mac.Infinity Today!

Don't let MacBook issues disrupt your daily routine. Reach out to our expert team at Mac.Infinity for a free MacBook repair quotation based on your model and specific problem.

We're here to provide you with swift, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today at 9169 1257, or visit our website at

You can also visit our service center

Funan Mall #03-24 107 North Bridge Road,Singapore 179105

Shop Tel : 9169 1257

Opening : 11Am to 8PM [included weekend&Public Holiday]

MRT: City Hall MRT Station - East West Line (EW13) or North South Line (NS25) Underground Pedestrian Link to Mall

Mac.Infinity – your trusted MacBook repair partner in Singapore.

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