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7 Telltale Signs Your iPhone or iPad Needs LCD Repair

Updated: Apr 13

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Smartphones and tablets are essential tools for many people, so LCD screens must stay in great condition. The LCD screens on iPhones and iPads manage the display and touch responses to guarantee a quality user experience.

Unfortunately, these screens can damage due to drops, water, heat, and general wear and tear. Such damage can affect the user experience, the performance of the device, and other features. Therefore, taking care of the screen and getting it fixed immediately when necessary is important.

Here are the seven major signs that the LCD of your iPhone or iPad needs to get repaired:

Black Screen

If the iPad or iPhone's screen is entirely blank and unresponsive, it is a sign that it needs to be looked at by a professional. This could happen if the device is dropped and the impact causes the LCD cable to become disconnected or the LCD screen to break. Water damage can also cause the same situation. In any case, the device will be unusable until it is inspected and repaired.


If the screen of an iPhone or iPad has visible cracks, it means that it needs repair. Even a single crack or scratch can spread and make the device unusable. If there are only cracks and the device is still working, only the glass is damaged. However, the LCD screen is also affected if the phone also shows unresponsiveness along with the cracks.

Dark Spots

Having different-sized and shaped dark spots or discolouration on your screen is a sign of a serious problem. These patches can also be seen on the outer surface of the screen and are hard to remove. If you don't get the screen fixed, it could lead to the screen not working properly or not responding to touch.

Flickering Screen

It is time to get help from a specialist when the LCD of your iPhone or iPad starts to malfunction. The display will start to flicker and cause the image to tremble and can be damaging to the eyes if used while this is occurring. The device might even become unresponsive if not attended to properly.

Touch Malfunction

If you're using an iPhone or iPad and you notice that it is responding to touches you didn't make, such as opening apps or dialling numbers without you telling it to, it is likely in need of repair. It is important to get the device checked out by an expert as soon as possible so that the issue can be addressed and fixed.

Slow or Non-Responsive Device

The touchscreen on iPhones and iPads can sometimes be unresponsive or slow to react. This can be incredibly frustrating, so it's best to get a professional to look into the issue and figure out the cause before attempting to repair it.

Poor Colour Quality

The iPhone and iPad displays have sharpness and clarity that other devices can't compete with. But, with time, the brightness and colour may begin to fade, or the display might no longer be able to adjust the brightness and colour balance. If this happens, it is best to take the device to a professional to ensure the performance is up to par.


iPhone and iPad LCD repair is necessary if your device exhibits any of the seven telltale signs of LCD damage. It is important to identify the signs of damage and address the issue before it becomes more serious. If you notice any signs, it is best to get an expert opinion from a professional LCD repair technician to ensure that any potential issues are addressed quickly and correctly.

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