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Difference between Genuine vs Fake Parts for iPhone Repairs Singapore

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Difference between Genuine vs Fake Parts for iPhone Repairs Singapore | Mac.infinity

iPhone users have all experienced the frustration of a cracked screen or a dead battery. We could be tempted to settle for less expensive options like replicas or counterfeit parts when we need a battery replacement or the nearest service centre. However, it is important to weigh the vulnerabilities of counterfeit components against the advantages of using authentic Apple iPhone components in order to choose the best iPhone repair centre in Singapore. The most often replaced iPhone components, how to tell genuine parts from fake ones, the risks of using them, and where to find real parts are all covered in this blog.

What are the most commonly replaced iPhone parts?


The screen is a crucial component of any smartphone, including Apple iPhones. It is the primary interface through which users interact with their devices. A genuine iPhone screen comprises high-quality materials like glass that ensure crystal clear visuals and accurate touch response. Thanks to its durability, it is also designed to withstand accidental damage caused by drops, impacts, and scratches, so you can worry less about frequent screen replacement.


All smartphone, even the iPhone, depends on their battery for power. It is an element of the iPhone that is frequently changed, though, owing to its short lifespan. A genuine iPhone battery is constructed of high-quality components that guarantee enduring performance and is crafted to fit your smartphone. In other words, even with frequent usage, your iPhone will have enough juice to last you all day.

Charging Port

The charging port is the point at which your iPhone connects to a power source for charging. Frequent charging can cause wear and tear on the charging port, making it a commonly replaced iPhone part. A genuine iPhone charging port has high-quality materials that ensure a secure connection and reliable charging. This means that you can continue charging your iPhone without any issues and without frequently replacing the charging port.


The camera is an essential feature of any smartphone, including the iPhone, as it allows users to capture photos and videos. However, due to damage caused by drops or impacts, it is also a commonly replaced iPhone part. A genuine iPhone camera has high-quality components that provide clear, precise pictures and videos. This means you may keep taking high-quality pictures and movies without worrying about camera problems.

How to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake iPhone Parts During a Repair Service

Differences in Appearance

Examining their appearance is one way to differentiate between genuine and fake iPhone parts. Genuine iPhone parts have clean and precise details with no imperfections or rough edges. On the other hand, fake iPhone parts may have visible seams, uneven surfaces, or blurry markings.

Differences in Quality

The quality of the parts may also be used to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit iPhone components. The best performance and durability are guaranteed using premium materials and stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing genuine iPhone components. On the other hand, Fake iPhone components are frequently constructed from lesser materials that might not need to fulfill the same requirements, leading to subpar performance and possible safety risks.

Differences in Price

Genuine iPhone components are sometimes far more expensive than counterfeit ones. While utilising fake components may seem like a cost-effective alternative, it is important to weigh the dangers because doing so might lead to more expensive iPhone repairs or even irreparable harm to your equipment.

Differences in Weight and Feel

Genuine iPhone parts are designed to fit perfectly with your device and feel like part of the original phone. They are manufactured to the same weight and dimensions as the original parts, whereas fake parts may feel lighter or heavier and may not fit as seamlessly.

Differences in Performance

Authentic iPhone parts are created, tested and improved to meet Apple's exacting performance and durability requirements while interacting seamlessly with the system of the device. False components, on the other hand, could not work as well as genuine ones, causing your equipment to perform worse and have other problems.

Testing Your Apple iPhone with Diagnostic Tools

Apple's diagnostic tools can be used to identify whether a part is genuine or fake. These tools can test the part's functionality and detect any issues or inconsistencies. Genuine parts will always pass these tests, while fake parts may fail or show inconsistent results.

It is important to note that attempting to replace iPhone parts on your own can be dangerous and can lead to further damage to your device. Using only authorised repair centres or trusted professionals to replace your iPhone parts is recommended, using only genuine parts to ensure your device's safety and optimal performance.

Dangers of Using Fake iPhone Parts in Singapore

Using fake iPhone parts can result in a variety of dangers, including:

  • Reduced performance and functionality: Fake parts may not function as well as genuine parts, resulting in reduced performance and functionality of your device.

  • Safety hazards: Fake parts may not undergo the same rigorous safety testing as genuine parts, resulting in potential safety hazards such as fires or explosions.

  • Damage to your device: Using fake parts may result in permanent damage to your device, requiring costly repairs or even a replacement.

  • Invalidated warranty: Using fake parts may void your device's warranty, leaving you with no recourse if your device experiences issues in the future.

Where to get genuine iPhone parts & mobile phone repair services in Singapore

Authorised Apple service providers

Apple has authorised service providers who can repair your iPhone using genuine parts. These service providers are trained and certified by Apple to provide high-quality repairs. They have access to genuine parts and use specialised equipment to diagnose and fix issues with your iPhone. You can locate authorised Apple service providers through the Apple website.

Third-party repair shops that use genuine parts

If you prefer to use a third-party repair shop, make sure they use genuine iPhone parts. Some third-party repair shops may use cheaper, fake parts to cut costs. Researching and finding a reputable repair shop that uses genuine parts is important.

Online retailers that specialise in genuine parts

Many online retailers specialise in genuine iPhone parts. These retailers often have a wide range of genuine parts and can ship them directly. Researching the retailer and ensuring they sell genuine parts before purchasing is important.

Importance of using genuine iPhone parts in repairs

Using genuine iPhone parts ensures your device functions properly and maintains quality. Authentic parts are created using premium components that are customised for your device. Fake parts might result in poor performance, short battery life, and compatibility problems. Moreover, fake parts can potentially harm your device's other components and void your warranty.

Risks of using fake replacement parts from a repair centre

The use of counterfeit parts during repairs might result in subpar performance, compatibility problems, and even safety hazards. Genuine components are created to higher standards, whereas counterfeit parts are frequently made using inferior materials. This may reduce battery life, decrease performance, or even harm your device's other components. Fake components may pose a risk to your safety and make your gadget malfunction.

Get an iPhone repair service in Singapore that uses genuine Apple parts today!

To maintain the quality and durability of your iPhone, it is crucial always to utilise genuine replacement components from a trusted repair shop in Singapore. At Mac Infinity, our technicians specialise in providing genuine iPhone parts for repairs; whether you own an iPhone 12, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, or iPhone XS. We have a wide range of parts available and ensure that all our parts are genuine and high-quality. Whether you need to solve water damage issues, have a Macbook repair, screen repair just want to know the repair cost for Apple iPhone, we can help.

Visit our website to browse our selection of genuine iPhone parts with our services throughout Singapore. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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