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Having MacBook Logic Board Issue?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Macbook motherboard repair
Macbook cannot power on

What the Cause of the issue?

The most common failure is old age, physical damage like dropping of the MacBook, overheating and liquid spills.

Once one of the components fails to work, usually the whole motherboard fails and is required to be repair or servicing.

How to prevent MacBook Motherboard spoiled?

Get silicone port plugs to minimize damage from both humid or dusty environment.

Get keyboard cover to protect your MacBook from dust, dirt and spills.

Get a tilted laptop stand which prevent your MacBook from overheating which could damage your Motherboard.

What are the issues/ symptoms?

· Unable to turn on the MacBook

· Unexpected shutdown

· No Display or behaving erratically

· No longer recognizes the devices or not providing enough power to the devices when plugged in to the ports

· Bluetooth peripherals or WI-FI not working correctly

WE from Mac.Infinity are one of the service shop that can help solve the problem.

Most Motherboard issue are found in.

MacBook Pro (2009 - 2012):

MacBook Pro (13-inch)

MacBook Pro (15-inch)

MacBook Pro (17-inch)

MacBook Pro Retina (2012 – 2015):

MacBook Pro Retina (13-inch)

MacBook Pro Retina (15-inch)

MacBook Air (2012 - 2017):

MacBook Air (11-inch)

MacBook Air (13-inch)

MacBook TouchBar (2016 – 2021):

MacBook TouchBar (13-inch)

MacBook TouchBar (15-inch)

MacBook TouchBar (16-inch)

Usually take about 1 -3 day to repair completely with a warranty of up to 3 month.

With Mac.Infinity,

  • We have good and quick customer services that are willing to fix the issue as soon as possible.

  • Any repair that we are unable to fix will be return to you with no fee need to pay.

  • Free diagnostic of the MacBook to see the issue of it if customer not sue of it.

  • Able to provide the best solution and answer about any MacBook or iPhone related problems you might have.

  • Able to handler multiple devices related to MacBook

For more details, come down and visit us at Millenia walk #01-68 Mac.Infinity,

or visit Funan Mall #03-24.

You can also contact us or book an appointment

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