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iPad Battery Replacement at Mac Infinity.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

iPad battery drain fast ? iPad Bloated Battery ?

ipad battery replacement in SG
IPad Battery Replacement 2022

Average iPad battery may last you 2 to 3 years. However, if you are a heavy user on your ipad for long hours with battery charged it could reduce ipad lifespans. The most common iPad Battery we repair may due to battery drain fast, unable to charge up or bloated battery.

What models of iPad Battery does Mac Infinity Support ?

  1. ipad

  2. ipad mini

  3. ipad air

  4. ipad pro

How much does it cost to replace ipad battery ?

How long to replace ipad battery at Mac Infinity ?

How long is the warranty for ipad battery at Mac Infinity ?

Why Repair at Mac Infinity ?

When it comes to Macs, finding fast and reliable help i is not easy. Nearly everyone knows someone who is ‘good with computers’. However, few people are familiar with the insides of a Mac. When yours develops a problem, you need it fixed quickly. Getting the work done properly means taking it to the right place.

We are highly trained skill professionals iPhone Repair and iPad repair . All our technicians are certified train and are expert in their respective field. We will not surcharge you anything if the repair failed or if it’s beyond our repair.

All replacement parts that we use are either original or the highest grade of replacement parts that can be found in the market. We will never compromise on the products that we use so that clients will not have to worry about the products that we use.

Come to Our Shop and we will give you free consultation your Mac problems!

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107 North Bridge Road Funan Mall #03-24 Singapore 179105

For Enquiry Call: +65 63339721 or Whatsapp :+65 92371529

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