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MacBook and iMac Repair Services by Mac.Infinity for Educational Institutions

on-site macbook imac repair for schools

In the realm of MacBook and iMac repair services in Singapore, Mac.Infinity emerges as the ideal choice for educational institutions. Our specialization lies in repairing all models of Apple computers and devices, delivering swift and reliable solutions to cater to your repair necessities. Our adept team of professionals and technicians are committed to offering expert diagnosis and top-quality repairs, promising customer satisfaction at competitive rates.

Navigating Common MacBook and iMac Issues

1. LCD/LED Screen – No Display

A display issue can stem from various factors, from damaged hardware to a broken screen. Our technicians can identify the root cause and provide effective solutions to restore your device's display functionality.

2. Charging and Battery Concerns

Whether it's a dead battery or a malfunctioning charging port, our team can help diagnose and resolve the issue. We ensure your MacBook stays powered up and ready for use.

3. Water Damage

Water damage can lead to complex complications that require immediate attention. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle such devices, mitigating further damage and restoring functionality.

4. USB Ports and External Keyboard Malfunctions

USB-related issues or external keyboard malfunctions can hinder productivity. Our troubleshooting process aims to restore full functionality to your MacBook's USB ports and external keyboard swiftly.

5. Start-up Sequence and Memory (RAM) Issues

Corrupted start-up sequences or faulty memory can impact your MacBook's performance. Our team can diagnose and repair these issues using advanced diagnostic tools and techniques.

6. Overheating MacBook

Overheating issues can be a result of cooling system failures or software problems. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and address overheating problems effectively, ensuring your MacBook runs cool and quiet.

Choosing Mac.Infinity for MacBook and iMac Repair For Your School

Expert Diagnosis

Our technicians conduct thorough diagnostic assessments to identify and address MacBook issues promptly.

Quality Repairs

We use genuine and high quality performance parts and repair techniques to ensure long-lasting repairs and optimal performance.

Fair Pricing

With our fair-pricing guarantee, you can rest assured that you're receiving the best value for your MacBook repair services.

Convenient Service

We offer convenient repair solutions to suit your needs, including on-the-spot and on-site services.

Customer Satisfaction

With numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, we strive to deliver exceptional service and customer satisfaction.


Don't let MacBook or iMac issues disrupt your educational institution's productivity. At Mac.Infinity, our commitment to providing expert repair services ensures your common issues are effectively resolved. From screen repairs to logic board replacements, our skilled technicians have the expertise and resources to keep your devices running smoothly. Reach out to us today for reliable and efficient MacBook and iMac repair solutions!


1. What kind of MacBook and iMac repairs does Mac.Infinity specialize in?

We specialize in a wide range of repairs including screen issues, battery problems, water damage, USB ports malfunction, external keyboard issues, start-up sequence errors, memory issues, and overheating problems.

2. Does Mac.Infinity use genuine parts for repairs?

Yes, we use genuine and high quality performance parts and repair techniques to ensure long-lasting repairs and optimal performance for your MacBook or iMac.

3. What kind of institutions can benefit from Mac.Infinity's services?

Our services are designed to benefit all local and international educational institutions, from primary schools to colleges and universities.

4. How does Mac.Infinity ensure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure this through our expert diagnosis, quality repairs, fair pricing, and convenient services.

5. How can I contact Mac.Infinity for MacBook or iMac repair services for Education Institutions?

For MacBook or iMac repair services for Education Institutions, you can reach out to us through our website, email, or contact number provided on our website. Our team is always ready to assist you with your repair needs.

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