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Troubleshooting Your Mac: A Comprehensive Guide with Apple Diagnostics

troubleshooting Mac

In the world of Mac users, encountering hardware issues can be a perplexing experience. Fear not, for Apple has equipped us with a powerful tool to demystify these problems – Apple Diagnostics. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to diagnose and potentially resolve hardware issues on your Mac.

Preparing for Diagnosis

Before delving into the diagnostic process, it's crucial to ensure your Mac is ready for the task. Follow these steps meticulously:

  1. Update macOS: If feasible, install the latest macOS updates to ensure your system is running on the most stable version.

  2. Hardware Setup: Shut down your Mac and disconnect all external devices, leaving only the essentials – keyboard, mouse, display, Ethernet (if applicable), and power connection. Place your Mac on a stable surface with proper ventilation.

Initiating Apple Diagnostics

Now that your Mac is primed, let's initiate Apple Diagnostics. The process varies depending on whether your Mac is using Apple silicon or Intel processor. Refer to Apple webpage to know which.

For Macs with Apple Silicon

  1. Press and hold the power button until your Mac starts loading startup options.

  2. When the 'Options' prompt appears, release the power button.

  3. Press and hold Command (⌘)-D on your keyboard.

  4. As your Mac starts, press and hold the D key until you see a progress bar or a language selection prompt.

  5. If using the D key doesn’t work, try Option (⌥)-D at startup. Refer to the guidelines if neither method is effective.

For Macs with Intel processor

  1. Power up your Mac and immediately press and hold the D key on your keyboard as it starts up.

  2. Release when a progress bar appears or when prompted to select a language.

If the D key doesn’t work, try holding down Option (⌥)-D during startup. If neither approach succeeds, refer to the startup process key combination guidelines.

Language Selection and Network Connection

You may be prompted to choose a language and ensure an active network connection. Use the Wi-Fi Menu in the top right corner of your screen to select a Wi-Fi network.

Running the Diagnostics

Apple Diagnostics will display a progress bar while checking your Mac. Once complete, you'll receive results, including one or more reference codes.

For information on the codes, refer to Apple support webpage on Apple Diagnostics reference codes.

Interpreting Results and Next Steps

Understanding the results is pivotal. If issues are identified, Apple Diagnostics provides guidance on resolution. You can run the test again by clicking "Run the test again" or pressing Command-R.

Restarting or Shutting Down

After the diagnostics, you have options. Click 'Restart' or press R, 'Shut Down' or press S.

Service and Support

For more information on service and support options, ensure your Mac is connected to the internet, then click “Get started” or press Command-G. Your Mac will restart to a web page with detailed assistance.


Using Apple Diagnostics empowers you to take control of your Mac's health. Regular diagnostics can prevent potential issues and keep your Mac running smoothly. Don’t hesitate to repeat the process or seek further support if needed. Your Mac deserves the best care, and with Apple Diagnostics, you're well-equipped for the task.

Seeking Professional Assistance

You can always reach out to your trusted MacBook repair center. Mac.Infinity, located in Funan Mall Level 3 unit 24, also offers convenient doorstep service, assured warranty on repairs, and the use of high-quality parts. Our trained professionals at Mac.Infinity are equipped to handle chip-level logic board repairs.

Why Choose Mac.Infinity Singapore?

Expert Technicians: Our experienced team is well-versed in handling all Apple device issues, from MacBook display issues, iPhone cracked screens to battery replacements and software problems.

Fast Turnaround Time: We prioritize efficient service, working diligently to diagnose and fix the issues as quickly as possible, minimizing inconvenience.

Competitive Pricing: Our goal is to provide top-notch Apple repair services in Singapore at affordable rates, offering competitive pricing on all services.

At Mac.Infinity, we are committed to bringing your MacBook back to life. Contact us today and experience the difference in service and quality.


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