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iMac Stuck On Apple Logo Repair

Updated: May 15, 2023

imac repair Singapore
imac repair

Are you here because your iMac screen is stuck on the Apple logo while booting up? This is one of the most common issues with iMac. whatever the reason when the operating system of the computer can’t communicate to the hard drive and graphics card, iMac stuck on the Apple logo. Besides the apple logo on screen sometimes there is only a white blank screen. We can find this kind of issue only in the iMac but also other Apple devices like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and iPhone too.

Why iMac Screen Stuck On Apple Logo?

Recent Software Update?

Apple continuously sends you a notification on the iMac screen whenever they have an update for it. Its soo was annoying for receiving the same notification all-day so we respond it by one of these options “Try in an hour“, Try Tonight“, “Remind me tomorrow” or “Turn on automatic software update“. Whenever apple computer starts updating many things matters there, like the health of the hard drive, Storage available, Ram quality, and power. For any of those reasons if software update interrupts in the middle the iMac may boot with forever white screen, or Apple logo. Always have a backup before updating iMac. We can fix this issue by reinstalling the operating system through recovery mode.

Mac setting

Bad Graphic Card

The main job to display any graphics contains after the loading screen on iMac handles by the graphic card. When the graphic card goes bad computer has nothing to display after boot up so it’s stuck there. Some other symptoms of the bad graphics card on iMac can belong booting time, verticles lines on the screen, Random shut down, iMac struggle to load heavy image or videos. If your iMac has a bad graphics card we can either repair or replace. Call or visit us to talk with our technician in Mac.Infinity

Bad Hard Drive

Since hard drive stores all of your data and operating system’s data, there is no surprise when a hard drive goes bad the iMac act unusual. Bad sectors in the hard drive make your iMac slow down, everything in the iMac load slow like slow booting, slow loading, can’t download the things of internet, blasting fan, heating issue and stuck on apple logo also risking all of your data there. We can either replace the hard drive or put new SSD on it. SSD is the new kinds of storage unit faster and reliable than a hard disk drive. We here in Mac.Infinity provides the same day hard drive replacement service for all iMac’s models.

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